May 14, 2021 is the Last Day for Medicaid Open Enrollment

After this Friday, the NC Department of Health and Human Services will auto-assign a health plan to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Click on the link below to learn more about the NC Health Plans:;!!E4aHFgIl6QUyrQ!s1xqwYVKOGniRCd0UGfYRNC_0IZDCu0r1S4v2eFck_yVRmDJmZudIzneYzvlLW9ePzzI$

Click on the link below to View health plans | NC Medicaid Managed Care;!!E4aHFgIl6QUyrQ!s1xqwYVKOGniRCd0UGfYRNC_0IZDCu0r1S4v2eFck_yVRmDJmZudIzneYzvlLRrPE3h-$

All health plans offer the same basic benefits and services. They may also offer added services. View health plans below to learn about the added services that each health plan offers. []
July 1st, 2021 is GOING LIVE DATE where Medicaid recipients begin their medical coverage under their new health plan.


·  NC Medicaid Managed Care customer care number: 833-870-5500 (TTY: 833-870-5588),

·  Free NC Medicaid Managed Care mobile phone app available at Google Play or App Store.


In the first 90 days, beneficiaries can change their health plan for any reason. After that, unless they have a special reason, they cannot change their health plan until the Medicaid recertification date. Reasons for changes are listed on the Health Plan Change Request [] form.