Kinston Community Health Center, Inc. began as a vision by a group of concerned citizens of Lenoir County in May 1993. For a couple of years, this group worked diligently to research all available resources and then to work as a Board of Directors to apply for the Federal HRSA 330 grant funds available to open a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). In July/August of 1995, the first five staff members were hired. The health center saw its first patient on opening day in 1995. By October 1995, KCHC began Phase 1 renovations on the permanent site in downtown Kinston. Soon afterward, KCHC moved to 324 N. Queen Street and more employees were added to the staff. Our patient population continued to grow.

In February 1998, a small one-room dental clinic with two operatories opened to provide the much needed dental care for the underserved individuals in the community. A local dentist, Dr. Junius Rose, provided a great deal of support during the planning and renovation phase of the small clinic. In June 2000, KCHC completed yet another phase of previously planned renovations and built a new full-size dental clinic featuring eight operatories, a lab, and a panorex to further develop what was once a bleak area in downtown Kinston. Dr. Rose continues to volunteer one full day per week, and he serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

An unoccupied second floor of the building was renovated to house the administration and finance departments. A few changes were made to the medical clinic to enhance patient flow and create more space for clinical employees. From June 2000 to present, the Center continues to be a vital primary care provider in downtown Kinston.

To meet the growing demand for integrated mental health practices, in August 2019, KCHC expanded its Behavioral Health department through acquiring an additional office space a few blocks away from the 324 N. Queen St. location. The Behavioral Health Center is located at 107 S. Queen St. This expansion opportunity has given KCHC the platform to extend its reach and continue to provide affordable and accessible health care. As health care continues to evolve, holistic wellness is our objective.