School-Based Dental Program

Kinston Community Health Center’s portable school-based dental program provides services to the Lenoir County School’s PreK-eighth grades.

All children who are attending school in the Lenoir County School District or siblings of students, who are enrolled in Medicaid or are low-income and uninsured and have not seen a dentist in the past year are welcome. If you are low-income and uninsured, we’ll help you meet with our Patient Access support staff to apply for the slide-fee discount program.

Getting started is easy, just fill out the School-Based Dental History forms given to your child at the beginning of school, sign it and send it back to the school. School-Based Dental Center staff can even help you fill out the form; just call the Center’s main telephone number at 252-522-9800 for assistance. Once your child is signed up, the school and the KCHC’s Dental Center will take care of everything else for you. Remember, parents, are always invited to dental appointments too.

Our School-Based Dental Center offers:
*Cleanings and check-ups
*Fillings and sealants
*Interpreter services when needed
*Goodie Bags

Tips for a healthy smile at any age:
*Brush and floss every day to remove food and germs
*Use fluoride toothpaste. Use only a pea-sized drop for young children. Toothpaste should not be swallowed!
*Eat healthy foods and snacks.
*Don’t put your baby to bed with a bottle
*Make regular dental check-ups for the whole family.