Prescription Assistance

Viable Options to Afford Your Prescription

340B Program

As a patient of Kinston Community Health Center, Inc., we are able to assist you in obtaining medicines at a significantly discounted price. All patients of KCHC are eligible to participate, with the exception of those patients covered by Medicaid. Patients that have commercial/private insurance will continue to pay their normal co-pay; however if your prescription is not covered under your plan, the 340B program, made available through a partnership with Rx Strategies, could be a viable option for you.

In order to get your prescription filled, you must use the Realo Discount Drug Store (Queen Street Location Only), which is conveniently located next door to KCHC. KCHC’s partnership with Realo Discount Drug Store enables us to provide the $4.00 prescription plan available at other retail outlets.

Prescription Assistance Program

KCHC has provided more than 500 patients free medications. The prescription assistance program (PAP) is funded through a NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission grant. Uninsured patients who meet certain financial criteria may qualify to be enrolled in this program and receive free medicine.

PAP is a separate program from 340B and is also referred to as the medication assistance program. Pharmaceutical companies write off a substantial volume of medicines to assist patients who are at or below poverty level.